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The Importance of Magnification

This week I want to talk about magnification. I wore 4.5 magnification for over 40 of my 50 practicing years. I do not believe that you can do your best work without magnification. The lights have gotten smaller, brighter and better, and wherever you look you now have light - no more constantly adjusting your overhead light.

I personally knew Peter Murphy, the CEO of Designs for Vision, and a more dedicated and honest person to serve dentists does not exist. I highly recommend the 4.5 wide angle scopes from them. For contact in Eastern Canada; call Pam Wellings 905-563-4933, e-mail

Please let me know what you decide and I can guarantee you will thank me for making you aware of this. For those already using magnification - Congratulations!

Yours Sincerely, Dr. Ken Neuman Clinical Advisor

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