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Porcelain fused to metal
with Cendres+Metaux and Ivoclar Alloys

"Very pleased with the lab work from Magellan… When even smallest problem arose, it was quickly corrected by their pleasant staff. I highly recommended them and the savings are substantial, which will help my patients in securing their proper dental needs."
Dr. DR, Samia, ON

Cendres+Metaux - Alloys
in our porcelain fused to metal and full metal restorations

Cendres+Métaux Dental develops, markets and sells intelligent and innovative systems which increase safety, aesthetics and productivity in dentistry. Our customers are primarily dealers and users in the field of dental technology and dentistry. 



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- Excellent option for long-span bridges


Cementation Method 


- Conventional

- Bonded




- Single Crowns
- Multi-unit bridgework


Longest track record for esthetic restoration
Natural-looking internal characteristics
Enhanced aesthetics



High durability due to the inner metal layer
Excellent esthetics due to the porcelain layer


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