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Customer Stories

Customer Stories


It will be hard to fit all the good things to say in a few sentences.

For starters, the quality of the work is excellent, precise with great attention to details.The esthetics are superior and there is good coordination with the lab while the work is in progress. To top it off, Magellan’s  prices are unbeatable and deliveries on time.I have been a satisfied customer for years and plan to stay on.



Dr. Barbara Glenn, QC

I have been dealing with Magellan Dental Arts for over 5 years now and I can honestly attest their quality is second to none having dealt with many laboratories in 25 years. A more than fair price for outstanding  products (complex implant cases, bridges to simple crowns). Excellent service and not to mention feedback if problems are foreseen. 
Bravo Magellan!


Dr. Bruce Beehler, ON 

Great quality and easy to work with.                                                           


Dr. John Lyons, QC

Virtually no adjustments required when I insert emax and milled zirconia restorations from Magellan. The price and quality is unbeatable. I have only been placing milled zirconia crowns in the posterior for the past 5 years... not one fracture or failure. Patient love the metal-free look.         



Dr. Peter Brawn, BC

Before finding MagellanDentalArts I tried and experimented with six or seven different labs over the past five years with limited success. My crown insertions always required 

plenty of adjustments and wasted chair time, and the lab fees always seemed to go up and up! With Magellan, however, my insert time is cut in half and the prices are fantastic! My patients are able to save time and money, which makes for a better experience for them. I've recommended Magellan to all of my colleagues and I will continue to do so!



Dr. Greg Walsh, ON

The quality and fit of their restorations has been fantastic and the overall lab experience has been very convenient. I've referred colleagues, for which Magellan shows their appreciation with the referral program. 



Dr. Irwin, ON

Magellan Dental Arts and their excellent team has surpassed my expectations. I was skeptical at first but with excellent customer service from Iana and great communication,I have had excellent work returned to me. Even better, is the pricing that is second to none! I highly recommend Magellan Dental Arts for all your lab case needs without a doubt.

Dr. Manning Chiang, ON

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