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Implant Restorations
with Cendres+Metaux and Ivoclar Alloys

"Just recieved a case from Magellan for single implant screw retained zirconia 16 crown for only $460.79 - the case went in like a glove and excellent esthetics. Used to paying $800 - $900 for these types of cases. FOOD FOR THOUGHT."
A. KH, Brampton, ON



Offering you a comprehensive source for all of your implant needs, our technicians are highly skilled in implant case planning and fabrication. Our specialized team approach enables clinicians to choose a variety of combinations of restorative options for your implant requirements.

We also offer clinical and technical consultation in the planning of implant cases.
Our technicians are experienced with a large array of implant systems, including:


  •     NobelReplace® (Replace® Select) by Nobel Biocar

  •     Astra Tech Implant System

  •     BioHorizons® Implant Systems

  •     Brånemark® by Nobel Biocare

  •     Endopore® by Innova Life Sciences

  •     FRIALIT® by Dentsply

  •     Implant Innovations Inc. (3i) Implant Systems

  •     Straumann® (ITI) Dental Implant System

  •     Zimmer Dental Implant Systems

  •     Ankylos® by Dentsply

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