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  • 5-year warranty for all Magellan permanent restorations from date of invoice

  • Remake or repair at Magellan's discretion at no charge for same restoration

  • Doctor pays difference for more costly restoration

  • If new impression is requested and the doctor chooses to go ahead without one, the case is no longer covered by warranty and Magellan is released from any legal implications that may be cause by this decision

  • The original restoration must be returned

  • Night Guards are covered for 6 months




      General Limitations on the Warranty:


  • No cash refunds for prosthesis

  • Repairs or replacement resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of supportive tooth or tissue structures, relines, improper adjustments or improper dental hygiene will not be covered

  • Repairs or replacement for cases which did not meet Magellan standards upon receipt of case are not covered by the warranty

  • Implant and attachment components (warranties on these items are covered by their respective manufacturers) are not covered by the warranty

  • Remakes if the doctor was asked to provide a new impression and decided to go ahead without one are not covered by the warranty

  • Warranty is limited to the extent of the value of our invoice; we do not pay for costs associated with clinical procedures or the patients time

  • No alterations or changes to the original prescription are allowed and only one repair or remake per restoration is covered by this warranty

  • Except where prohibited by law, Magellan Dental Arts, it’s agents, representatives, and affiliates, independently and collectively disclaim any and all liability regarding lost earnings, incomes or profits, failure by the treating dentist to conform to generally accepted dental practice.

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