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by Sagemax

“Magellan Dental Arts does not only have excellent
quality of their work, but the price is unbeatable!”
Dr. AA Cambridge, ON

Sagemax - NexxZrT®



Sagemax manufactures an incomparable translucent zirconia. Comparative testing shows NexxZr T as having the highest translucent properties of all materials tested. By the use of special formulas, cold isostatic pressing and precise sintering controls, NexxZr T delivers great natural esthetics. Users of NexxZr T can fabricate industry best esthetic dental restorations. This versatile material guarantees exceptional results.


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- High strength, NexxZr T as a flexural strength value of 1150 Mpa

- Excellent option for posterior bridges

- Translucency factor of >34 1-CR% (1.0mm)

- Adhesive and conventional cementation



-Full contour monolithic crowns and bridges in anterior and posterior regions. Bridges to be limited to 6 units with a maximum of 2 pontics.




-For adhesive fixation, we recommend the bonding composite Panavia ® 21 or Panavia® f 2.0, Rely X® . These adhesive cements will create an excellent bond between tooth structure and zirconium-oxide fram material

-Conventional fixation with zinc-oxide phosphate or glass ionomer cement is possible in most cases

-Adjust NexxZr® restoration using water and air spray to keep restoration cool. To avoid micro-fractures, use a fine grit diamond. If using air only, use the lightest touch possible when making adjustments. A football shaped bur is the most effectivefor occlusal and lingual surfaces; a tapered bur is the ideal choice for buccal and lingual surfaces


Preparation Guide


- Shoulder preparation not needed, feather edge OK. Any preparation with at least 0.5mm of occlusal space is acceptable. Mnimum cclusal space of 0.5mm, but 1mm is ideal.

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