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Two Cord Impression Technique

This week Dr. Neuman recommends using the "Two Cord Technique" for getting the clearest impressions and therefore the best restoration results. The two cord technique is great for several reasons:

- it provides a very accurate impression. - the margins are very clear - there is no chance of fluids getting into the impression - when performed correctly guarantees excellent crown fit

With the Two-Cord Technique a thin (00mm) cord is packed after the tooth is prepped, followed by a thicker hollow (2E) wet cord. This cord retracts the gingiva circumferentially to temporarily expand the sulcus, allowing room for the syringe material. When this top cord is pulled out (make sure to wet the cord before pulling it out to prevent sticking to the gingival tissue and causing bleeding), the sulcus is blood-free and accessible making for an impression with very clear margins.

If you would like to discuss this week's tip with Dr. Neuman, please call us at 1-866-484-7920 or email to set up a call time.

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