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All ceramic implants

All ceramic implants are becoming more and more popular with an increase of patients concerns over metals restorations.

  • Ceramic implants offer a metal free, holistic advantage and are more esthetic.

  • All-ceramic implants are made from a Zirconia material known for its strength.

  • They are the most biocompatible implant in available in dental restorations and have shown less bone loss than the Titanium implants.

Esthetically, if your patient has clear gums, a Zirconia abutment will look more natural than the metal colour of a Titanium implant that may show through.

There are often better results with a ceramic implant for integration into the bone and the surrounding tissue because of its biocompatibility.

Example: CeraRoot Implants - Ultra-biocompatible 100% ceramic implants

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